Join the network

What is PRELUDE? PRELUDE is a secure, decentralized network that can be used by all institutions entering thefast growing digital custody business.


Nodes of the Prelude network are financial institutions localized worldwide. In order to join the network, institutions need to meet a set of criteria defined by the Prelude's users

Prelude’s Prime Nodes
  • Prime nodes are selected by each new client opening a secured address through Prelude
  • Prime nodes onboard clients including KYC and AML checks
  • They are responsible for storing and validating clients' identity when needed
  • Prime nodes keep full control over their account opening and validation policy
Prelude's Regular Nodes
  • In addition to Prime Nodes, a group of regular nodes are selected by the network for each new account
  • Regular nodes are responsible for validating the actions of the Prime Nodes
  • Regular Nodes do not store the identity of the owner of the assets
  • Regular Nodes are remunerated for ensuring the proper behaviour of the network


  • Institutions joining the networks, can start servicing digital assets with a very short time to market.

  • Our unique approach prevents most security and regulatory implications associated with holding digital assets

  • Joining Prelude allows service providers to offer new services to their current clients and to attract new clients who use Prelude to secure their digital holdings.

  • Firms keep full control of their processes and fee schedule and can use their current systems and databases using a simple API to interact with the network.

  • At the beginning of each quarters, each firm defines its fee schedule. Nodes get rewarded for each service they provide to the network:

User Fee Payment To Frequency Amount
Account Opening Fee Prime Nodes One-time fee Fixed quarterly by each node
Custody Fee Prime Nodes Quarterly Fixed quarterly by each node
Identity Validation Prime Nodes On large transactions Fixed quarterly by each node
Key Recovery Prime Nodes If key is lost Fixed quarterly by each node
Transaction Validation All nodes For each Transaction signed Voted by PLD holders