How it works

What is PRELUDE? PRELUDE is a secure, decentralized network that can be used by all institutions entering thefast growing digital custody business.


Seamless experience for Custodians and Clients

Institutional Custodians
  • PLUG AND PLAY: No need to develop specific solutions
  • Secured: The information stored is low sensitivity
  • Controlled: Participants keep full control of their KYC / AML procedures
  • Win-win: Participants receive new clients thanks to the Prelude network
Digital Asset Holders
  • Institutional Grade: Assets are secured by well known financial institutions
  • Secured: No single point of failure/li>
  • Decentralized: Assets are always accessible
  • Easy to use: User experience is the same as working as a traditional custodian on other assets classes


01Upload Process

02Transaction Process

  • No single node in the network knows the complete private key
  • Redundancy in the network ensures that no single node can block the signature of the transaction

03Recovery Process

  • User key is lost orcompromised

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    Assets are secured bynetwork

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    User requests networkkey recovery

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    Network verifies IDmultiple times

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    New user key isgenerated